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National Invitational 175 - College Lacrosse Recruiting Showcases


The National 175 showcases and tournaments were conceived, developed, designed and offered for the purpose of providing a special showcase venue in both individual and team tournament formats to the high school lacrosse player seeking to be recruited to play at the collegiate level.

We are proud that our application process is open to every student athlete interested in being recruited and wishing to be given a chance to be considered for our showcase events.  We continue to keep our showcases at a limited number of attendees (175 per grad year) to allow for the greatest amount of exposure and will continue to require an application process that will include coach’s recommendations.

The quality of the players who seek to attend our events has proven to be of the highest standard and ability. Despite the successes of our past events we will continue to seek to improve upon each event.

Our main focus will continue to be on driving the best quality and quantity of college coaches to our events by improving our venues, our player information dissemination and filming capabilities for both players and coaches alike.

We thank you all for considering the National 175 lacrosse events and we hope that you will come to appreciate all that we do to focus on enhancing the recruiting experience for all that attend our events.

College Lacrosse Recruiters